Hello I am Kaye Ally For Pride of Africa based in Johannesburg, South Africa. My pronoun are she/they and this is my passion project. Before I get into to it I would like to say thank you for all the love and support.

With a history spanning three decades, Johannesburg Pride dubbed the Pride of Africa is the oldest and biggest Pride in Africa with an attendance of over 120K people in 2019 and an increasing number of visitors from Africa. Our vision is liberating every LGBTQ+ person across Africa to live their most Authentic Life.  The Pride of Africa outreach program extends from Johannesburg to Gaborone including refugees and asylums seekers from Africa! With the corona virus pandemic, In 2020 we changed our focus to Covid relief and provided 3500 food parcels among other forms of support.


In essence, this platform empowers the community with an authentic voice and space in which to connect.


While we retain the very essence and nature of Pride we adopted a bigger cause that is so much more relevant and needed in Africa. The Pride of Africa Foundation was launched with the intention of taking Pride beyond the march and just one day. In short our strategic intent changed to building individuals and collectives and so we created cellos within the Pride of Africa Foundation to cover Sexual and Health Education, Logistics of our pride Events, Activism in building other Prides or Pride like events in Africa and Help where we are desperate for The establishment of a dedicated LGBTQ+ Shelter in the  Johannesburg region.  


Pride provides the visibility and awareness… 

Pride of Africa forms the longevity…


 In Africa, the lives and basic human rights of LGBTQ+ people are often restricted by legal, societal, cultural, and religious barriers.  The policies of Exclusion and Discrimination negatively affect the lives of all LGBTQ+ People.  While South Africa remains the only country in Africa where LGBTQ+ activity is legal, and the rights of the community is constitutionally protected people still face discrimination. 6 countries out of 54 prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and 33 countries where same-sex sexual activity is illegal and, in some instants punishable by death.


While homophobia remains a serious issue with homosexuality still seen by many as ‘un-African’, hate crimes are rampant, resulting in the severe ostracization and abuse of the community. Since the 2020 Lockdown variations, there has been 14 known incidents of murders motivated by Sexuality. And many more are miscategorised or go unattended by the Law enforcement agencies. 


An enormous number of LGBTQ+ identifying people reside in the Johannesburg region and it is estimated that a massive percentage are homeless and in venerable situations, however even in the home situations our community is often victims of rape or domestic violence. We are helpless in this situation as there are no safe spces in the area. Therefore our 2022 goal is the establishment of a Shelter. 


Our core values include Diversity, Inclusion, Dignity and Humanitarianism.  

“Gay right is Human rights” and a just society must be all inclusive! 



I once again Thank you for your support…