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Pride of Africa: Kick Off

1 October 2022

The Pride of Africa kick off sets the tone for every event that follows throughout October. It will include our media partners, key mainstream media, influencer partners, sponsors and key players who were instrumental in making Pride of Africa a possibility. Together, we unveiling a first on the African continent with a Pride of Africa x Maersk branded container for all Pride attendees to autograph

Pride of Africa: Queer Met – Please note this event is at Capacity

8 October 2022


Pride of Africa will host an improved alternative to the Awards Dinner usually hosted during African Pride month and for the vibrant community that we are, we are changing it up to a QUEER MET. The event will still recognise the unsung heroes of our community, with just a more jazzed up setting. The event will be a bold installation of Pride Insure, Jean Paul Gaultier & Pride of Africa.

Pride Insure x Jean Paul Gaultier x Pride of Africa offers a unique, diverse and authentic perspective for the African pride movement. The weight lies in promoting African queerness and its existence on a global scale with the support of internationally recognised brands. This event will feature a variety of influential attendees from the community, showcasing their jaw-dropping looks inspired by our purpose: to be Proudly African and Authentically You and theme Queer African Extravagance.






Pride of Africa: Enter the Closet

15 October 2019

Enter the closet is an inaugural event at this year’s African pride month. The intention is to create more awareness and visibility of the African LGBTQ+ community. The aim is to host this event in 3 major cities across country. This will be a by invite only event to major key players with a secret venue and total social media blackout.

Pride of Africa: Inspirefest

22 October 2019


Pride of Africa will host the first of its kind event in honour of true youth empowerment. The aim is to enhance the previous lifestyle conference with inspiration and empowerment to the community. This will be a series of talks with mentors, coaches, and motivational speakers. This would be more conversational and interactive with the interested community to truly gain from the experience.




Pride of Africa: The Pride Extravagance

29 October 2019

Pride of Africa Month would not be complete without a little glitz and glamour. Join us for a fun after party with none other than MS Party one of the most popular performers.